About Royal Craftsmen

Royal Craftsmen was established in 2005 by David Dinkel. Serving Kansas City and the surrounding areas, Royal Craftsmen has earned an excellent reputation within the community as well as professional working relationships with other construction companies in the industry. We are happy to provide recommendations upon request as well as proof of insurance.

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Experience Matters

The experience behind the company stems from more than a decade of furniture and custom cabinetry work. Plus over twenty years with work ranging from roofing, construction and interior finish.

Royal Craftsmen can take your project from concept to completion down to the slightest detail. While providing a high level of trust and sincere concern for your home and/or business. Every consideration is given to how to approach a job to be the most time efficient and work in a manner that is as tidy as possible. 

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Contact a Professional

Please contact Royal Craftsmen today for your home and/or business repair or remodeling needs. Please note if you have a full day, a half day of miscellaneous projects or even one small project that may only take an hour we can help you with those too.

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Customer ReviewS

We specialize in renovations, remodels, roofing, and woodworking–to maximize the comfort and appeal of your space.

Here’s what our customers have to say.

Tracy S., Denver, Colorado

Jesse’s crews have also done extensive work on my exterior having transformed my deck with staining and painting of the floors.

Sheryl D., Kansas City, Missouri

From the moment I first met the team, I knew they were dependable. The crew repaired my garage door in no-time.Royal Craftsmen is the best handyman service in Kansas City.

Monte, Kansas City, Kansas

The crew repaired my garage door in no-time flat and from then on, I knew he was the right man for any job around the house.

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